Women with sadistic tendencies!

Sadistic women are eager to meet submissive men, just like I am, since there is no better feeling in this world from giving a certain amount of pain to a slave. I am constantly searching for men to worship me as a Goddess I am and let me train them to behave properly, since my slave trainings are well known for efficiency, precision and no mercy for those who are not good enough. If you like to be verbally abused, I’m good at it, if you like pain and humiliation, no need to even ask for it, I’ll do it with pleasure, I can be harsh in so many ways, but to each one in a way they deserve. There are no two same slaves, as there are no two same Mistresses. I do have a bit of a sadistic tendencies and I truly enjoy it, as well as all my subs. And do not even try to take this easily, I can find what you hate the most and hit you with it every single time you deserve, and do not be surprised if I even find it funny.

Standard questions about BDSM

How safe it really is?

To be absolutely honest, it is as safe as the person you are involved in has it in mind. I am very strict with everything I do, in the sense that it is consensual, safe and sane, just like one of the oldest Mistress etiquette demands, and I stick to the tradition since it’s what kept the concept alive and so magical for thousands of years. My most important aspects are hygiene, physical safety and mental health of my subs, and I carefully choose my sessions and activities, so both of us can benefit from each action. Different people do different stuff, and that is something you have to research very good, to find your match, so you can grow with her and by her side. So, bottom line, it all depends on people and their choices.

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What is Tantric Domination?

Whatever I tell you trying to explain what is Tantric Domination, it will not be even close to how it really feels once you try it, because it is quite like describing the taste of your favorite meal to someone who has never had it, although they might have tasted some of the ingredients used in preparation. Imagine the analogy of putting ingredients together, mixing them in a specific order, in certain temperatures, arranging it all on the plate and then eating, accompanied with a proper drink. It is hard to describe even something so common and known to people, so you get my position in this, apart from the fact that these topics are mostly still taboo in mainstream society… on the other hand, the only way for it to even start being clear to people who are not yet practicing it is to talk about it, as much as we can, hoping that it will intrigue and initiate further researches of the topic. How can you know about something, if you do not ask, and asking might be very delicate… so, lets start slowly and see where it takes us.

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About submissive men and their role in the relationship

Lets talk a bit about submissive men and their urges, as well as reasons for them to be who they are and how they are. It is a very interesting topic that reaches deep into their personality core, with many aspects that can be different from man to man, yet with so many similarities on a general level. I have been thoroughly studying this aspect throughout the years of being a Mistress and I can proudly say that I have quite a huge knowledge pool about this topic.

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Face slapping and details you want to know about it!

Basically, in all sex games that cause direct pain, face slapping is among the most common ones, it is flexible and has many purposes within Domination sessions, and it is always very personalized to the relation of Mistress and her submissive. The intensity of pain caused by face slapping can go from very low to high intensity and the most common option is to build up, starting with low intense slapping while the slave is restrained. It can last very short, to very long time-frames and all the varieties are chosen and planned carefully to meet their purposes. It is so easy to include face slapping in many scenes, that it might even be considered as one of the most used activity of the session.

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What’s there to know about domination sessions, to start with?

You were never alone, to start with!

Your fantasies and fetishes are not something you are alone in, your Mistress should know about them, because she will consider each and every one, engaging herself in those that she likes and feels comfortable with. I like to hear out my subs, they always have so many interesting ideas and although I might not be into some of those, I do have them in mind and over time I got to try new stuff, because we are all growing and evolving, so should our pleasure games. All you have to do is to tell me and leave me be with the idea, because one day I mighty just come up with an amazing session that will make us both happy.

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Worshiping your Mistress is a state of mind!

The “how- to” of worshiping!

Someone who is intrigued to become a submissive might start wondering- how to please a Mistress? How to serve properly and keep Her satisfied at all times? How to worship Her in a way She deserves just because She exists? I’ll give you some guidelines, and if you have them in mind, use your imagination, be dedicated to Her even more than to yourself and get to know your Mistress good, in order to make no mistakes on your side. Your duty is to make Her tremble from all kinds of pleasures you provide in all aspects of life, every time She has time for you and wants your presence. Imagine being a butler, but of a kind that knows Her most intimate desires and has an urge to blow Her mind with how they are being satisfied…

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Worshiping women in BDSM community

Worshiping is not a new thing!

If you think about worshiping as an act, to someone out of the BDSM community it sounds quite different from how we experience it. For thousands of years now, people were worshiping women, female goddesses and it was just an expression of their inner, natural need- to be submissive and serve well. Then the times came when women were forced into secondary roles, they were pushed into a submissive position instead of being Dominants and running the society.

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How about Mistress on Cams?

Mistress online? Could it be, for real?

If you wondered about Mistress cams and would it be possible to enjoy all the beauties of being trained as a slave, dominated and punished and still just staying at home, where it feels comfortable and safe, I will tell you some interesting details about this concept. It does exist and the idea of it is to make it happen for everyone who wants to worship and serve. If you are ready to worship a Woman and be dedicated in serving Her, the only thing you need to do is find the one you are looking for and start your journey into the power exchange that will open up new horizons for you and push you into being a better person. Our chat rooms are always available for you, with our amazing Mistresses who are willing to train you, dominate, teach, punish, enjoy and give you various tasks in live, one on one sessions. Does it already sound mouthwatering? Wait, there is more…

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Wondering about Ladyboy Mistress?

What does it mean when we say Ladyboy?

The term ladyboy, for those not familiar with it, refers to a person whose body has female appearance, but male genitals and the whole attitude of that person is so feminine and ladylike. Sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference between a ladyboy and a woman, if you see them in the street. Ladyboys are both male and female figures at the same time, in a very particular way and that is why we have an expression that contains both- lady and a boy. They are dressing up as women, looking amazing and quite often they do not do anything to change their voice- it is either similar to a voice of a women or they do not care if they sound like a man- it just comes naturally. Truly unique combination of characteristics we know as male or female give us a very exotic person who really need to put in a lot of effort to find their place in this world.

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