What’s there to know about domination sessions, to start with?

You were never alone, to start with!

Your fantasies and fetishes are not something you are alone in, your Mistress should know about them, because she will consider each and every one, engaging herself in those that she likes and feels comfortable with. I like to hear out my subs, they always have so many interesting ideas and although I might not be into some of those, I do have them in mind and over time I got to try new stuff, because we are all growing and evolving, so should our pleasure games. All you have to do is to tell me and leave me be with the idea, because one day I mighty just come up with an amazing session that will make us both happy.

Have in mind that none of the sex games are prostitution, as Mistresses do not even engage in sex intercourse with their subs. It is all meant to bring us to some new levels of satisfaction that are beyond just sex, because we are not striving for ordinary stuff to start with, right? Talk to me about your kinks, lets see if I feel like doing stuff you are into and we might have a great time together. Domination sessions are all about that- having a great time together, on a level that average people can not even imagine, playing with aspects of our lives that are usually left aside and experiencing constant growth, spiritual release and new levels of freedom through all our activities.

Domination Vocabulary

For those who know that they like something, but they have never thought about classifying their kinks, here is a little list of basic topics, that can always co- exist together in larger numbers, or exist on their own:

1. Role play- puts your creativity as well as your Mistress’s creativity into action

2. Tantric domination- lets explore your subconscious mind and have some psycho- emotional games here

3. Humiliation- no matter if private or public, we can do it…

4. Sensory deprivation- do you maybe like to get blindfolded or…?

5. Tickling- do not underestimate the power of this sensation

6. Nipple torture

7. Golden showers- warm, fresh pee all over the skin can be magical feeling

8. Hot and cold games- candle wax or ice all over the skin will take you where you have not been

9. Corporal punishment- better known as Discipline

10. Services- do you want to be trained to be the best maid there is?

11. Cross dressing and forced feminisation

12. Face sitting

13. Foot worship and/or boots and shoes worship, and whatever else you might want

14. Cock and balls training and torture

15. Bondage and restraint

16. Body writing

17. Body worship

Do not let the long list scare you, or the fact that you might have not find what you like. Your kink is just a question away from me and all you need to do is to ask. I keep on discovering fetishes, some of them feel unusual, some make me wonder how is it possible that I have never done them before, and I just love the fact that, no matter how long I might be into this, there is always more and new stuff to explore, try and start practising. Modern lifestyle has many pressures that are affecting each member of a society, pushing them into a fake social image and neglecting everything that makes them authentic, thus making pressures even more intense that way. Society gives many ways to a person, to steam out the pressure, as well- drinking alcohol, taking drugs, doing sports… and to many it feels as if it was a system well designed to keep people struggling, since mostly they stay trapped in everything they want to get rid of. That is how the world works. Well, BDSM play is one very exceptional way not only to steam out the everyday pressure, but to overcome many of the struggles and actually grow along with your Mistress and become a better person, stronger and enjoy the life more. Domination sessions are flexible, personalized and unique experiences that follow your inner flow and feelings and affect them in ways that makes you feel alive again.

What happens when I discipline you?

Although it might sound scary to those who have not tried this, once you do you will be pleasantly surprised how much pain your body can take, without it being uncomfortable. Knowing what is about to happen, your body prepares itself by increasing adrenalin levels, which also increases the pain tolerance, and of course the scene includes more than just painful experience, it is a specific setting on it’s own that has it’s purpose for both of us.

Why do we need role playing as adults?

Very underestimated once people are adults, role playing sessions give each one of us a chance to experience if not all, then most of our fantasies, in a very controlled setting, and help us round up the ideas we would never have a chance to even put in action, if we would just leave those fantasies aside. These games let us steam out pressures, they improve our mental and emotional state, they give us the essential feeling of peace and fulfillment. For those who have not tied yet, it might sound extreme, weird or even scary, but always have in mind that everything is done with precision, consent and best intentions, by an experienced Mistress who has huge responsibility for each of her submissive.

How do we explain the tribute to the Mistress?

Well, not to make it sound very complicated, for me to be able to train many slaves, I need time and energy to invest in each aspect of each session, which, you have to admit, would not be as easy and as efficient as if I was to work 8 hours per day and then come back home to dedicate my time to my responsibilities. I need to be rested, relaxed and fully dedicated to everyone I am responsible of, so instead of paying the session fees, which I do not like as a concept, my submissives should show their loyalty by taking those everyday bills off my back. Being a full- time Mistress makes it hard for me to also earn money and pay the bills with an average job. In the end, as a Goddess, I am not even supposed to have an average job, just like other people, because I am meant to do more important stuff here. A contribution from my slaves is actually their way to have more of me at all times and not waste all the energy we should be exchanging on some stuff that ordinary people should be doing, anyway. In this sense, each slave can have a direct experience with me and I certainly know how to make their contribution feel like a minor expense compared to what they get from me, during our interactions.

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