Worshiping your Mistress is a state of mind!

The “how- to” of worshiping!

Someone who is intrigued to become a submissive might start wondering- how to please a Mistress? How to serve properly and keep Her satisfied at all times? How to worship Her in a way She deserves just because She exists? I’ll give you some guidelines, and if you have them in mind, use your imagination, be dedicated to Her even more than to yourself and get to know your Mistress good, in order to make no mistakes on your side. Your duty is to make Her tremble from all kinds of pleasures you provide in all aspects of life, every time She has time for you and wants your presence. Imagine being a butler, but of a kind that knows Her most intimate desires and has an urge to blow Her mind with how they are being satisfied…

Everything starts with simple tasks!

To start with, have in mind that She has plenty of daily tasks to do, from basic house jobs such as laundry and washing dishes, to outdoors activities such as shopping for fresh groceries and paying bills… you could offer to do it yourself, so She could have more time to dedicate to you and be fresh and relaxed throughout the day. You want to keep your Mistress away from all kinds of non important activities that an average woman has to do every day, plus you get to touch and take care of stuff she is using, such as sexy costumes, shoes, stockings…

Have in mind that a Mistress is a very busy woman in general, so after a long day out, She might need a foot massage, a relaxing bubble- bath or some nice music once She comes back home, where you could be waiting for her return to make Her feel as comfortable as possible. You will mostly know Her schedule, so if She is traveling somewhere, make sure you drive Her and carry Her luggage.

Mistress likes pampering, for sure!

It is very god to keep track of events your Mistress likes and not only notify her about them, but make sure you have tickets for her, ready and waiting once She decides to go. She will be overwhelmed with all the attention you are giving her and She will be pleased to have so dedicated and caring sub as you. Always have in mind that apart from basic necessities, it is always good to have in mind luxuries you could bring into Her life, no matter how small or big, as long as it is your authentic expression and admiration towards Her existence. Be the most precious gift She could even ask for, fuse physical pleasure with undivided attention focused only on Her and see her feeling like a real Goddess she is. Over time, you will learn to feel your Mistresses needs and moods and act accordingly, making her feel the way She deserves. She does not need to tell you stuff or demand, you will know and follow the most delicate signs of her needs, to be there and satisfy them, maybe even before She becomes clearly aware of them. Pamper her like no other…

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