Worshiping women in BDSM community

Worshiping is not a new thing!

If you think about worshiping as an act, to someone out of the BDSM community it sounds quite different from how we experience it. For thousands of years now, people were worshiping women, female goddesses and it was just an expression of their inner, natural need- to be submissive and serve well. Then the times came when women were forced into secondary roles, they were pushed into a submissive position instead of being Dominants and running the society.

Today, some men recognize that inner need and choose to find their Mistress, so they can fulfill their nature and worship and serve the way it was always meant to be. There is something magical and truly intoxicating that men who serve can experience, once their Mistress is pleased properly. A man today is putting a lot of effort into keeping his woman happy, but submissive men take it to a higher level, to the level of worshiping the very essence of their Dominant.

Worshiping can easily be a lifestyle!

Some men, even today have a very particular lifestyle that is focused only on one major aspect- worshiping Women. They are perfectly emotionally set on letting a Woman take full control of their lives and take all the responsibility off their back. Men I am talking about have searched their true feelings, realized where they stand and decided to follow that urge, enjoying every single aspect of it in ways average men can not even imagine. On the other hand, women like me like submissive men who always do their best to treat us like Goddesses that we are, and even let us train them to be perfect slaves at all times. We are good at giving them what they need, and submissive men are good at pampering us at all times. There are many ways to find your Mistress- there are so many specific dating sites or clubs, where men can worship Women, which is only a beginning of your journey into the magic of submission.

When you find Her, you will know it!

Once you find your Mistress, you will learn important stuff about her and use that knowledge to her benefit. Does she like a foot massage, or a flower on her pillow, how does she like her tea or coffee and if she needs a napkin, you will know it and do it for her, knowing that she will feel endlessly grateful to have you in her life. Doesn’t it sound great to be without an every day pressure to make decisions, to be responsible and in charge of everything and just enjoy being the best there is for a Goddess? That blissful feeling of being completely free in being owned, the feeling of living a taboo of having roles reversed from what people traditionally expect and being appreciated by the Mistress can not be compared with any other state of mind. Just imagine how rewarding on it’s own it is to make a woman happy and keep her satisfied with your dedicated serving, which is not something that can easily be experienced out of BDSM community. Extreme states, as people might understand them are nothing but focusing on what matters and getting so much in return, from the one you worship.

Do not be anxious about your Mistress being strict or demanding, she will only do it responsibly and for your personal benefit. If she thinks that you need to be trained, she will do everything to make you fulfill your most hidden potentials and become the best version of yourself, which is also one of huge rewards of this kind of relationships. Worshiping women gives you an opportunity to grow with your Mistress by your side.

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