Face slapping and details you want to know about it!

Basically, in all sex games that cause direct pain, face slapping is among the most common ones, it is flexible and has many purposes within Domination sessions, and it is always very personalized to the relation of Mistress and her submissive. The intensity of pain caused by face slapping can go from very low to high intensity and the most common option is to build up, starting with low intense slapping while the slave is restrained. It can last very short, to very long time-frames and all the varieties are chosen and planned carefully to meet their purposes. It is so easy to include face slapping in many scenes, that it might even be considered as one of the most used activity of the session.

I like to make sure to understand my slave’s urges good, so I can adjust slaps to their benefit, even if it might look too cruel to someone out of a BDSM community. Some of my slaves like when I am wearing gloves, plastic or rubber, and I am willing to use any type of gloves needed for the purpose. One of the points of face slapping, apart from causing proper pain is to make that face red, while verbally abusing the submissive. Face slapping is often used in slave training, to guide and punish, and quite often, to spice up the session, just a bit. Even people out of the BDSM community use it, although not to the extent as we do it.

Face slapping is almost a form of a very personalized art!

When it comes to much wider aspects, apart from the session, face slapping is often part of public humiliation, followed by verbal abusing if needed, it can be part of slave training since many slaves need it and enjoy it so much at the same time. Some slaves beg for mercy and experience ultimate levels of pleasure mixed up with pain, that an ordinary person can not easily understand. The desire for someone to get humiliated is within the personality and needs to be fulfilled. This activity is one of the most popular and common fetishes in general and most probably one of the most common activities in BDSM sessions because of it’s flexibility and multiple purposes. Out of the BDSM community, people who know about this often do not understand it’s deeper meaning and purpose, although they do not hold back from trying it here and there. Mistress who is to slap her submissive has huge responsibility and has to know how to properly build up, as well as the extent of pain tolerance her slave has, in order not to take it too far. If done properly, face slapping can have a huge impact on emotional and mental state of the submissive person.

Face slapping is being widely used in slave training, weather to put the slave back into his place, if he gets to eager to continue with the session, and in those cases I like to slap them gently or when they just can not learn o do their stuff properly, as a punishment, and mostly those slaps are of a bit higher intensity than the first ones. Interesting fact is that, sometimes, after a proper face slap, some of the slaves get very excited, since it is all done with love and without a single vibe of being abusive. Those levels of excitement are not even to be compared with excitement achieved by regular methods.

Face slapping is like talking- has many messages for a slave!

If used while training the slave, it has a very different emotional and mental impact on the slave, mostly with the purpose to teach them a lesson and put them back down where they belong, way below the Mistress. I like to adjust the intensity of the face slap to each of my slaves personally, and based on the mistake they have made, so for the same action, two different ones will get different face slaps with the same purpose. It might seem very easy to someone out of BDSM community, but it is the product of getting to know each other and opening up in the most vulnerable ways to the Mistress, so she could know everything needed to discipline and train her slaves in the best way possible.

To make a rough conclusion- face slaps can be exciting, they can be punishment or guidelines in my encounters with slaves, and each slap to each of the subs has very intimate, personalized and deeply emotional meaning, that is like a tight bond between us, created through interactions we have over longer periods of time. They should know their place and purpose and how to properly serve me.

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