What does Mistress in BDSM community mean?

Where does the misunderstanding come from?

Everyone who was even just listening about some basic aspects of BDSM, must have heard of a term Mistress, which is one of the most important roles in this community, but quite often, this term is misunderstood, because of the same one, used in every day life. Although in every day terms, being a mistress usually means being the second woman, the secret one with whom a married man or a man in a relationship is cheating on his partner, in BDSM community it refers to something completely different, in many aspects. In every day life, a mistress does not have much power over a man, except for as long as she is able to provide him with pleasures he is craving for, quite often in exchange for expensive gifts, money or some other kinds of benefits such as better job, some business deal or getting expensive services free of charge, just because of who they are. These mistresses are not entirely loyal to their lovers, do not have any commitment and in the best case, they could hope for their lover’s marriage to end, so they would have a chance to be legal and official wives. It works for some women and they willingly choose to be in this position. I realize that, in order to understand the delicate connections between people who plan to practice any kind of BDSM, it is of a high importance to truly understand the meaning of each role, so right here, I will explain some basic terms that everyone should be clear with.

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