Wondering about Ladyboy Mistress?

What does it mean when we say Ladyboy?

The term ladyboy, for those not familiar with it, refers to a person whose body has female appearance, but male genitals and the whole attitude of that person is so feminine and ladylike. Sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference between a ladyboy and a woman, if you see them in the street. Ladyboys are both male and female figures at the same time, in a very particular way and that is why we have an expression that contains both- lady and a boy. They are dressing up as women, looking amazing and quite often they do not do anything to change their voice- it is either similar to a voice of a women or they do not care if they sound like a man- it just comes naturally. Truly unique combination of characteristics we know as male or female give us a very exotic person who really need to put in a lot of effort to find their place in this world.

Sometimes, ladyboy as a slang expression refers to transsexual prostitutes in Southeast Asia, and the word itself originates from Philippines, sometimes people use it to point out that a guy has a very girly body language, or behaves like a woman… As you can see, all these definitions can be confusing a bit, because they are referring to different aspects of a person we are talking about and its meaning depends on how and where we use the word. To be as precise as I can, I will be using this word in the meaning of a womanly person with male genitals. And now we will start with the exotic part of this text…

Names and places! How and where to look for Ladyboys?

First of all, it is good to know that in different countries, ladyboys have different names- katoeys is how they are being called in Thailand and this word is believed to be of Khmer origin, while in Indonesia they are Waria, where the word was put together from “Wanita” which means woman and “Pria” which means man, so it literally means a ladyboy. To ask for a ladyboy in Bangladesh, you need to use the term Hijra, and wanting bakla in Phillipines gets you one of them for sure. While visiting Malaysia, you will hear the term Mak Nyah, and if you hear kteuy, you must be in Cambodia. Most probably there are other words in use, but these are well known from countries that are famous these days for large communities of the most beautiful ladyboys who have developed their specific lifestyle, events, daily routines… which brings us to the main thing here- Mistress Ladyboys! The most beautiful Dominant ladyboys out there, at this point you will find in Thailand, although many people would say Bali, since their Mistresses ladyboys are known for being very strict in trainings, like to dominate and have fetishes on those stiletto heels. These Mistresses have it all, looks, glamour, style, they know good discipline and certainly how to properly train you to be a good slave. Many of them will have one of the following names, since they are favorites- Madonna, Cindy, Che, Jade, Lena, Anjie, June, Coral, Jennifer and Sally, but other names are not excluded, for sure. You might be surprised with some of them.

Glamour and life in shadows!

The question that comes up at this point is also- how do they make their living in surroundings that is discriminating them even in parts of the world that are known for beauty pageant events only for ladyboys? It would not be so easy for a ladyboy to find a job just like other people, and it is not only because they are being discrimnated, people often do not even know how to react about them and feel stiff or uncomfortable, for no reason, just because they do not understand the situation good enough and are embarrased to ask. Having in mind that it is hard for them to get a job like people from mainstream society, most of them either start working as escort since some men really like ladyboys even to just walk around acompanied by one or many of them or find it satisfying to kiss them in public places, it not a rarity to get involved in prostitution since it brings plenty of money and their options are quite limited as we know, maybe exotic waitresses in some night clubs, or the most common- make up artists and hairdressers, where they really have to be the best to make proper living out of it, since the competition is crazy. It is not a wonder that they are true experts in beauty world, no matter if make- up, hairstyle or something else, they have mastered it to perfection. If we talk about Mistress ladyboys, quite often they have a few subs who are covering their living costs and bills, in order to serve and have more of their Mistress for themselves. Since Mistress ladyboys are a rarity, it is clear that not everyone can live this lifestyle.

One more way to earn good money, that also includes heavy competition and high levels of various skills are beauty pageants. Pattaya is well known for one of the biggest beauty contest called “Miss Tiffany Universe Pageant” where people come from all over the world just to see the glamour and beauty, and it is being broadcasted on TV as well. It is a high competitive event for ladyboys and a huge touristic attraction. Participants need to have impressive clothes, to be skilled dancers or performers, immaculate make up and hairstyle and tickets for those events are sometimes sold out months before the event happens, for super high prices, too. During events of this kind, ladyboys are superstars, they have their celebrities as well and it is all shiny, glamorous and luxurious. The winner usually gets huge amounts of money and many benefits as a prize. Although their everyday life is still overshadowed with struggles about social acceptance, bit by bit they are raising the awareness and slowly being more and more accepted as common people, just like everyone else. China is the only country where it is legal for a man to marry a ladyboy. There were music groups and successful sports teams made up only from ladyboys, some places provide toilets for ladyboys, which are all very important aspects of every day life for all of them and also a little hope that things will get better and better in time. In Bali, there are even hotels that are ladyboy friendly. In Brazil, for an example, where ladyboys are called travestis or Bonecas, they are well accepted in society and you can feel very comfortable with them even in public, which is not the case in all the countries. The looks of Brazilian ladyboys has more varieties than Asian ladyboys. Most speak English and are quite friendly, while prices are decent and not to high.

Where to find a Ladyboy Mistress?

With all this said, it is clear that the ladyboy community is quite developed in some parts of the world, so it is not a wonder that, if you want to be trained by Mistress ladyboy, it is the best to search for one right there. It is an eternal debate if the most beautiful ladyboys are in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia, but experienced people who are into them would always recommend to follow your taste and if possible check them all, since it is really hard to tell. Each group has something specific to offer and it is al about finding your match, while the group itself is very particular in the society. They are gorgeous, with stunning charisma and typically spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, knowing how to look breathtaking. Some have a fetish to wear a lot of lipstick, although heavy make- up in general is quite common thing, and some tend to have very lively body language, almost overwhelming or exaggerated, especially in China. To tell a ladyboy from a woman and be absolutely sure who is who, it is advised to make them laugh, because no matter how girly their voice might sound while talking, a ladyboy will always laugh with a manly voice. When it comes to clothes and dressing styles, three main styles are something you can see, no matter where- tight jeans, short skirts or evening dresses and these are the most common for Asian regions. It would be a rarity to see ladyboys in something else, but it makes sense- how will they point out all the beauty in, for an example a saggy dress or something baggy?

To find the right Mistress ladyboy, obviously you need to travel and do your homework good, research online and ask around, before making a choice and establishing a relationship. It is very important to understand the background from which you want your Mistress ladyboy to be, their culture and customs, and to respect local views on relationships and intimate encounters. If something might mean a serious and deep relationship, you need to know it and discuss in time, while making plans with the Mistress. In general, if you follow the advice to ask everything you need to know and tell stuff about yourself in honesty to your Mistress, you will have a good start of something that might be an ultimate experience for both of you. Efforts, honesty and true will to submit and serve are all you need.

Even though ladyboys community is huge in many countries I have mentioned, it is not so common yet to find many Dominant ladyboys around. Those who did find their Mistress ladyboy can not agree if you should start searching from Philippines or Thailand, Bali or Cambodia, but one thing is certain- as the concept is developing, there are more and more Mistresses ladyboys in touristic places and it is easier and easier to find some of them in night clubs and bars. In some places you will have to ask locals, or go into specific clubs, in others you need to do online research first and establish a contact before you meet up from up close. Although you will not find them just walking around the town, in the middle of the day, you can find ladyboys even in Japan, and in last few years there are some clubs opened for them and they have started appearing in media, too, which is a huge thing for the whole community in general. Being a rarity in Japan as well as in many other countries, apart from those that I have mentioned before, it might also mean that these ladyboys might not be as good as those from bigger communities in what you want or need them to do, with fewer Mistress ladyboys and definitely with much higher prices. All this is important to have in mind when searching for your perfect Dominant ladyboy. In Japan, ladyboys are called Newhalf.

Many men like Ladyboys!

Many men consider kissing a ladyboy to be an extraordinary experience and some have tried not even knowing that the person kissing them is actually not just a hot girl who is into some fun for the night. Sometimes it would cause a slight shock, while other times it would be a trigger to explore more of ladyboys experience. For some, kissing a ladyboy is a great foreplay, some like it more than sex itself and then many men want to teach their ladyboy to kiss in a way they like the most. It is an interesting thing that mostly, ladyboys are not so much into BDSM, so if that is your kink, you will either need to search thoroughly or teach your ladyboy some basics, and see if they like it. Just like with a Mistress, with Mistress ladyboy you need to discuss topics, talk about kinks, likes and dislikes and see if you match enough to start the session or a relationship that will be satisfying for both. Although still a rarity, maybe you could even find a ladyboy BDSM group within a community in some place. Deepthroating is one more specific topic here, something that, as those who have tried it say, feels amazing, yet it is very hard to find a ladyboy who does a good deep throat, because they are mostly tiny and their throats can not support it. Still, not impossible and if you are interested, be aware that it requires a lot of research and patience. Another interesting thing to mention is ladyboy gloryhole. Not many activities can be so exciting as skilled ladyboy giving you a service, while you can not see each other, just feel better and better. Many Southeast Asian clubs provide this experience for tourists. Handjobs ladyboys are giving are unforgettable, as many men said and in general, giving pleasure to men is something many ladyboys have been trained in, because they like it or they have decided to make a lifestyle out of it.

Ladyboys can be good and very loyal friends and there is no need to expect everything we have mentioned from every single one you meet, just like you do not expect everything from people among your friends. Some will be into friendships only, some will be into exploring various kinks you have in mind, while many might not even be interested in going any further than having nice, casual time with you and that is all good. One ladyboy might introduce you to another one, and another one, once they feel comfortable with you they will include you in their groups of friends where you will have more chances of finding the one you are looking for. Always have in mind that they are people like all of us, they should be respected and whatever you might want to do with them, it needs talking, planning and no rush. Till now, you have noticed that, apart from the Mistress ladyboy topic that is our main thing here, I have talked about their community in general as well as some specifics that are good to have in mind. All of it is as important as talking about Mistress ladyboy, because some generic aspects of their subculture are very specific and to have maximum of pleasure with them, it is very important to understand them to start with, because if they were just your regular fun for the night, it would not be such an extraordinary experience as men who have tried it are saying.

Exotic places for exotic finds!

Rio de Janeiro is said to have many amazing Mistress ladyboys who will be happy to train you and dominate you, but it is not that easy to just meet them in the streets, as it can be very dangerous, so it is highly recommended to ask a local to introduce you to some of them or to find personal websites and establish a contact before traveling to meet up with them, in person. Interesting, in Singapore, where ladyboys are called He- she, they are becoming more and more popular over recent years and especially Mistress Ladyboys, most probably because more and more people are following their kinks. Funny thing is that many of them actually come from Thailand or Malaysia or Philippines, so one way or another, no matter where you might find Mistress ladyboys, it turns out that mostly they come from these three countries, as the main source for the whole world. Have in mind that, if you find a Mistress ladyboy in places where they are more of a rarity, the price of their sessions will be easily even ten times higher, than if you would find them in their original place, the place where they come from, mostly. If you just do the online search, right after you are done reading this article, you will see that so many ladyboys have made a decent career out of fulfilling kinks of people who like extraordinary experiences, so make sure to start with something, even just a few names or locations, always having in mind guidelines from this article.

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