Women with sadistic tendencies!

Sadistic women are eager to meet submissive men, just like I am, since there is no better feeling in this world from giving a certain amount of pain to a slave. I am constantly searching for men to worship me as a Goddess I am and let me train them to behave properly, since my slave trainings are well known for efficiency, precision and no mercy for those who are not good enough. If you like to be verbally abused, I’m good at it, if you like pain and humiliation, no need to even ask for it, I’ll do it with pleasure, I can be harsh in so many ways, but to each one in a way they deserve. There are no two same slaves, as there are no two same Mistresses. I do have a bit of a sadistic tendencies and I truly enjoy it, as well as all my subs. And do not even try to take this easily, I can find what you hate the most and hit you with it every single time you deserve, and do not be surprised if I even find it funny.

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