What is Tantric Domination?

Whatever I tell you trying to explain what is Tantric Domination, it will not be even close to how it really feels once you try it, because it is quite like describing the taste of your favorite meal to someone who has never had it, although they might have tasted some of the ingredients used in preparation. Imagine the analogy of putting ingredients together, mixing them in a specific order, in certain temperatures, arranging it all on the plate and then eating, accompanied with a proper drink. It is hard to describe even something so common and known to people, so you get my position in this, apart from the fact that these topics are mostly still taboo in mainstream society… on the other hand, the only way for it to even start being clear to people who are not yet practicing it is to talk about it, as much as we can, hoping that it will intrigue and initiate further researches of the topic. How can you know about something, if you do not ask, and asking might be very delicate… so, lets start slowly and see where it takes us.

It starts where two huge topics meet each other!

Tantra and BDSM are very old, well known concepts, if nothing else, then for their names and for reaching deep into the personality structure and subconscious levels, making an impact and affecting each person in a specific way. Everything that we are mostly hiding from the outer world is being challenged, taken to its extremes and exposed in a very personal and emotionally intense scene, with the purpose of growing and changing for better. There are no real miracles in Tantra, just focus, efforts and dedication to the purpose the way you have not seen before while going with the flow and experimenting with how this or that feels. The whole experience takes us beyond logic, it is focused on the intuitive aspects of our personalities and tends to open us up towards the subconscious competence that sometimes we did not even know about. If you add up the layers of what makes us who we are- cultural background, ego patterns, attachment styles, mind, logic, spirituality you can get the idea how this works and how wide and deep it affects us when we start practicing it. If you are brave enough to start exploring your “dark side” through BDSM, testing your limits, challenging everything you feel and know through a very particular power exchange with another person or people, you will give yourself a chance to truly change from your foundations. Many kinky games can get intense and that is the point where you start getting to know yourself in ways you would not even imagine, as well as growing beyond expectations.

Just take a deep breathe, to start!

Who would say that Tantric Domination, something that puts together two huge concepts, could start only with deep breathing and some so basic stuff we do every day, but it makes sense- we need to relax, feel ourselves, our bodies, so we could be more open for what is there and what could change, as well as to follow the flow of energy and experience everything it does to us. I often use the word “flow” to describe important aspect of this topic, which refers to a very pleasant mental state in which you absorb outer effects and perform in an optimal way. Now mix it in the BDSM play and it might even remind you of your fantasies, where everything is happening in a perfectly synchronized way. Is it possible? Can it be real? Of course it can. Have in mind one more detail that might surprise you beyond expectations- in your fantasies, you follow your urges and create scenarios according to your feelings and desires. In consensual Tantric BDSM play it triggers subconscious levels of our minds and brings the most secret ideas from down there, which can only outshine everything we were aware till now, no matter how kinky and interesting.

Experienced guidance and total submission!

So, can you even start to imagine how an experienced Mistress could guide you and follow that flow of energy with you, how someone who has a lot of experience in recognizing the kink from the first moment can click into a wild fantasy turning it into reality right here, right now, on the spot? After thousands of hours spent dominating and feeling the other one, while we play the game of unequal power exchange, I can mentor you and guide you from the very first steps into Tantric Domination. This concept does not mean classical BDSM scenario that we strictly follow, it is more like a general idea that we explore together, while feeling each other and you surrendering to me completely, to guide you according to a subconscious flow I am skilled in following. My intuition will feel your body, your needs and reactions and I will follow it as a guideline, according to my own needs, as well, creating a perfectly synchronized moment of unity, that can last quite long. If I feel that you need it or you might have use of it, I will tell you which books to read, which videos to watch and what to do to reach higher levels of understanding the matter, that will set you onto a path you have never walked before.

Let’s dive into it, together!

If everything reaching so deep might sound scary, no need, since each Tantric Domination session is highly personalized to your measure, needs, feelings and everything that defines you as who you are. We can play with your kinks, if I share them, on a very surface level, we can explore your boundaries with the dark aspects of your personality, without crossing them, just for the pleasure of being so close to it, since it can be very exciting and intriguing on it’s own, we can cross them just a bit, or just for a while, so you could get the idea of how it might affect you, or we can go as deep as the flow guides us, following it and feeling each moment of it as it is happening. Since I do not control the flow of the session, since I surrender to it completely the way you surrender to me, I am only an experienced guide through a mysterious land that we will be discovering together, but everything that will happen depends only on how open you want to be and how deep you want to search within yourself. Once you feel ready to go with the Flow and explore the depths of your own self, I will be waiting for you to start the journey that will for sure change your life.

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